OperaWine meets Altagamma "Italian Icons: From Fashion to Wine"



Veronafiere and Vinitaly present the new innovative venture OperaWine, as an exclusive showcase and representation of the best of Italy's viticulture in one unique setting and in cooperation with the leading eminence in wine publication Wine Spectator.

According to Thomas Matthews (Executive Editor Wine Spectator), "Italian wine was a simple pleasure not too long ago, as much a part of daily life as bread and olive oil. Very few wines aspired to a level of quality that would make it a subject of aesthetic interest. However, following the examples of a few key regions, Italian vintners have made great progress in the past generation. Now, wines are made to the highest standards of art and science, and the best examples are as distinctive, and as collectible, as objects of art, from jewelry to fashion to perfume. Wine Spectator has admired Italy's progress, and in our own way have encouraged it, and we are pleased to be part of this event, and this organization, which testify to the world-class, yet utterly unique, quality and character of the best Italian wines."

Santo Versace, the Chairman of the Altagamma Foundation, will participate in the press conference to emphasize the idea that Finest Italian Wines are part of the Italian Lifestyle and excellence of Made in Italy in the world. Mr. Versace will explain what Italian High End products represent in the world and the major trends in the luxury markets. He will also share the successful experience of top Italian fashion and design companies in promoting Italian lifestyle worldwide.

"The "Made in Italy" differs from other countries' own production for the fact that it truly displays the soul of Italy, being the fruit of perseverance, creativity and entrepreneurial talent, as such a distinctive expression of our unique lifestyle capable of mirroring the traditions of our territory. The growth of the Italian wine industry, here showcased by plenty of excellent wines, reflects all these aspects, in fact exemplifying them with evidence. Fashion, design, jewellery, food, hospitality, they all give shape to the way in which Italy is identified abroad, being at the same time the true engine of our economy. I am convinced that promoting synergy among all these industries will allow Italy to maintain the key role it has ever had (historically)." - Santo Versace

Stevie Kim (General Coordinator of Vinitaly International and OperaWine) aims to moderate the session to emphasise a dynamic Q + A format between the several participating producers as well as opinion leaders with Ettore Riello (President of Veronafiere), Thomas Matthews (Executive Editor Wine Spectator), Santo Versace (Chairman Altagamma) and Matteo Lunelli (Executive Board Member Altagamma).

More about Altagamma:

The members of Altagamma operate at the highest end of the market, stand out for their innovation, quality, service levels, designs and prestige, and express Italian culture and style in their products and their business approach. Altagamma is a group of Italian companies of international renown to promote high-end Italian brands and the culture that supports it.

More about OperaWine:

OperaWine would like to thank its sponsors: Air Dolomiti, Asiago, Bormioli, Ferrarelle and Levoni. There will be two sessions of 'Finest Italian Wines, 100 Great Producers' on March 24th 2012. Session 1 (By invitation only) starts at 15:30 - 17:30 and Session 2 (Ticket sale) will be from 18:00 – 20:00. The Grand Tasting in Palazzo della Ragione is limited to 500 guests for each session. Since the great winemakers will pour the wines personally, guests will be able to learn the secrets behind their success on a very individual and distinct level. Get your ticket now on www.operawine.it