Vinitaly International Press Conference New York: Italian Wine continues to grow in the USA

Verona 5th February 2013 – John Gillespie, president of the Wine Market Council, and Founder/CEO of Wine Opinions, presented the results of the most recent Wine Market Council consumer tracking study and a Wine Opinions study of the imported wine market at the press conference of Vinitaly International USA 2013 in New York.



The research showed that wine consumption in the United States has continuously grown since 1993 and with an estimate for 2012 amounting to a +2.9% over 2011.


According to Wine Opinions, Italy leads in the USA with an increased market share of imported wines in the first nine months of 2012 by 7.2% over the previous year. Italy dominates over of France and Australia in volume of all imported wines sold in the USA for the last quarter of 2012, both in terms of absolute numbers and percentages for the purchase of each of the four age groups analysed: Millennials (ages 21-35), Generation X (36-47), Baby Boomers (48-67) and those over 67.

The USA, country with the largest number of wine consumers, is expected to gradually increase its consumption of wine by 2.4% per year until 2016. In terms of overall consumption, the United States is followed by Germany, France, UK and Italy. Some 100 million adults drink wine at least once every 2-3 months in the USA with 57% of these belong to the category of "core drinkers", ie those who drink wine at least once a week.


The "Millennials" (21-35 years old) are most active in this market, consumption habits show they tend to be less casual and more "core drinkers."

The research also showed that the most popular Italian wines are red. In the second half of 2012, Italy was on top of this list before France and Spain. The beautiful country also ranks second in the category of white wines and rosé with 35% of the amount of bottles sold, behind France (46%). 62% of Italian red wines between $20-50 dollars were perceived as "excellent" by respondents, in comparison to 57% for French wines and 51% for the Spanish.

In the category of $20 dollars of less per bottle, Spain and Italy are in the top of the preferences of Americans, followed by France. In fact, the Italian wines are excellent for as much as 36% of respondents, compared to 32% recorded by the Spanish and especially the 47% of Americans would buy an Italian red wine from "carry" compared with 41% of consumers in favour of the Iberians.

The two reports from Wine Opinions focused on Italian wines versus all others. The complete trade and consumer survey reports are available for purchase on the Wine Opinions website.

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